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Young women sex chat

Laura Sessions Stepp: At the very end of the book, I describe a classroom where a young man comes up to me at the end and says he and his girlfriend are being pressured by kids they know to break up and start hooking up. But the male culture is different from the female culture, and deserves its own, separate look. C.: I'm wondering if you explored in the book the effect on young women of the constant barrage of mixed messages.

We're taught to be so ashamed of our sexuality and bodies, yet at the same time our culture and media are hyper-sexual.

In order to define what "hooking up" means, Washington Post staff writer Laura Sessions Stepp spent a year chronicling the sex lives of three groups of women for her new book, "Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose at Both." Stepp was online Wednesday, Feb. Read The Post's of "Unhooked." ____________________ Laura Sessions Stepp: Welcome to our chat about hooking up, the casually sexual encounters that have come to define the way many young people think about sex and love.

They just can't find it, no matter what position they have on sexuality.

It is their attitudes and lifestyle that have changed, making it easier for young men to be the studs they traditionally have been. C.: My husband and I both waited until marriage to have sex (at 26), and I think the biggest reason we navigated the pressure of high school and college was the support and example of our parents and (in my case) friends making similar choices.

It seems to me that parents have the biggest influence on raising kids to reject a "hooking up" culture so that they'll make smart decisions.

I also suggest reasons why hooking up came to be and what some possible implications are. Don't you think men who sleep around or just hook up to be "studs" are losing too?

Why are women always responsible for being virtuous and loving? The reason I chose to focus on women is that traditionally they have been the gatekeepers.

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I know the campus ministry I was involved in during college played a huge role in shaping my personal beliefs on sex; beliefs that directly contradict the casual hook up culture. Laura Sessions Stepp: Religious faith can help young people stay true to their beliefs.

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