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The UN Human Rights Council, under paragraph 12 of its resolution 17/4, established the Forum to serve as a key global platform for stakeholders to ”discuss trends and challenges in the implementation of the Guiding Principles and promote dialogue and cooperation on issues linked to business and human rights.” It is guided by the Working Group on Business and Human Rights.This forum is for discussions on various topics and interests.happn is one of the hottest new Tinder alternatives, using a similar premise but supposedly with more success.

For a summary of the 2015 Forum discussions, click here.Hinge is another Tinder competitor, which only shows you friends of friends."We cut out the clutter, the creeps and the games," their website boasts, and by all accounts there are far less creeps than you would find on Tinder. The userbase is much smaller, and with the added restriction of only showing friends of friends, you may not be given many options. It's just a matter of finding out what site or app is going to serve you best. From Mars Dear Mars, While online dating has become an incredibly convoluted affair, with more apps and sites around than you could ever sign up to all at once, the good news is that it's more in the mainstream than ever.

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I need a facebook/twitter like features with messaging between users plus a few enhancements with user Dashboard. When someone clicks it, a request is sent to the next one. Some extended features of users profile is available for preview. I need users to add/record video as attachments and it should show them in their stream.