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NUMBER FIVE CHANEL NOSE ERNEST BEAUX YEAR 1921 When it comes to fragrances, especially vintage classics, Chanel No 5 is the eternal classic and an icon of perfumery.

I distinctly recall that to my nose this was a rather musky and heavy on the civet type of perfume, dirty, skanky, a bit like Dana's Tabu or Bal A Versailles by Jean Desprez. They smell like all the good soapy aldehydes one experiences in aldehyde based frags.

I do like the ylang here and it's a great middle stage and heart note. They are spicy florals as they develop and turn musky, woodsy and green with patchouli and vetiver. I am my own woman very much my own woman with my own opinions, thoughts, ideas, philosophies and lifestyle. I think this is just perfect for work/everyday wear. For me, I am more reserved but sweet, and my No 5 follows suit.

The florals are similar to Joy by Patou which I never wore but which my mother's friends wore. It's also very green floral and just green: vetiver grass and patchouli leaves. This is not a chypre however and despite the woods and the moss, it's the civet that takes over. So many iconic women of the 20th century have worn No. Two very different women associated with the same man (John F. But you were also your own woman and I got it from you. I can even see where No 5 could be edgy on the right person. 5 eau de cologne to being deemed versatile, but it is in the same way that the little black dress will always be versatile but stylish in all its interpretations.

UPDATE: Okay, so I finally got my hands on a sample of the current EDT. HOWEVER, after testing the EDT on one wrist and the Cologne on the other, the EDT has no match against the intense kick of the Cologne.

I can't get the EDT to last on me more than 30 minutes, but the Cologne is still going strong.

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And truth be told this perfume on her was beautiful.

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